Fully Launched in Belgium with Marc Dutroux, reached utter limits first in Portugal with the orphans of Casa Pia 10 years later.

Apr 3, 2009

Sharia agenda by Illuminati puppets Marriage as cover for Pedophilia:

AFGHANISTAN, SAUDI ARABIA, YEMEN, IRAN, IRAQ: what do these neo-colonies of the IV Reich have in common other than the fact that sharia is law?
Answer: pedophilia is legalized as marriage.

All Illuminati puppets "ruling" countries with muslim majorities impose the sharia law.
In countries where up to 90% of the population opposes the sharia, the agents use the tactic of transition instead of immediately declaring the islamic law.
Examples: Syria, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt (in Egypt no more after agent Morsi bited the dust, July 2003).
The main agenda is legalizing terror.

Another agenda is legalizing rape and pedophilia.
Examples of illuminati puppet govs at work:
- Afghanistan 2009: Hamid Karzai signs law 'legalising rape in marriage. 
Side note: Karzai is in fact alias shakespearean actor Sir Ben Kingsley, who got an Oscar for "Gandhi".
The Kabul puppet regime is still protected by 110,000 NATO mercenaries.
- Saudi Arabia: rape is not only legal but the victims are additonally punished by the state.
- Yemen: Illuminati media calls Al Qaeda to the freedom fighters fighting the sharia and legal marriage of children as young as 9 years old.
- Iran, 2013: shortly after the psy-op replace puppets (Ahmadinejad by "moderate" Rouhani) part of the agenda " Iran is now a democracy": Iran passes law to legalize pedophilia: let men marry 13 year old adopted girls.
- Iraq, 2014: "Debates" Law That Would Allow Men To Marry 9-Year-Old Girls

Notes - updated May 2014
Afghanistan, 2009 Mar: Hamid Karzai signs law 'legalising rape in marriage.

Saudi Arabia, 2013 Sep: Rape victim sentenced 200 lashes by court

Yemen, 2013, Oct: child bride, eight, dies of internal injuries on first night of forced marriage to groom five times her age

Iran 2013, Oct: Iran passes ‘pedophilia’ law to let men marry 13 year old adopted girls.

Iraq 2014, May: Iraq Debates Law That Would Allow Men To Marry 9-Year-Old Girls

Exposed 2009,  extended with consequences of the Arab Spring:
To get what's going on in illuminati's sharialand, from Saudi Arabia to Niger:
Sharia law agenda must be proclaimed by ALL  puppets playing muslim heads of state.
Agendas range from legalizing the terror state to the "genocide of christians".

Talk of mass rape productions by illuminati puppet governments:
2013: INDIA GANG RAPES  staged - from demonize indians before manhunt for non-whites in US and EU to legalize terror in India.
That includes death penalty for minors.