Fully Launched in Belgium with Marc Dutroux, reached utter limits first in Portugal with the orphans of Casa Pia 10 years later.

Mar 18, 2009

Selling acceptance for austrian monster Joseph Fritzl - why, how

How the ultimate example of monstrosity within the family, Joseph Fritzl, is used to increase acceptance, up to the highest levels, for several illuminati agendas

Austria - Objectives of selling acceptance for the monster Joseph Fritzl

In view of the first act, staged or not, the screenplay "acceptance of the monster Fritzl" is a "no" type (1).
The main objectives of this production, which begun with the revelation, is to complete total insensitivity of the population to the destruction of the protection of children and increase the level for "acceptance of monsters". (2)

Theater reduced to a minimum (3): Fritzl is sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison.The populace is confronted with the fact that soon the last example of monstrosity within the family is living in freedom in the house next door.

Marketing the "repented good monster"

Selling this product includes public not allowed on trial and headline "Fritzl pleads guilty" just before the sentence.

The most important thing is to not show any video of Fritzl during the "process": selling the "victim" who was "beaten by his mother as a child," who only now "sees the real impact of his actions "(4), the ideal victim to benefit from psychiatric treatment by Big Pharma ... is only effective if made upon the description of his "tears", from the mouth of the "journalists" allowed to follow the process. (5)

Repeating the message "Pedophiles have nothing to fear from the police"
Contrast the production to sell Fritzl with the McCanns theater, where both parents were used to pass the same message of TOTAL impunity for parents who kill their children.
In this case while Joseph Fritzl is used in the previously described agendas, the role of passing that message is assigned to his wife, who is not accused of anything, while even the last idiot understands that it would be impossible, from any point of view, from construction of the dungeon to logistics, that she would not be in the know.

Added immediately after the sentence, March 19
What is now being reported, in small font, about daughter Elisabeth unexpectdly attending the court session yesterday, not only contradicts the previous official version that "only a video tape with her testimony was shown", but also immediately reveals an additional reason for having the process behind close bars: censoring the real suffering of Fritzl's victims is even more important to market the "good monster" than the techniques previously described.

As for the sentence, once again the mind control technique of "Package v Contents" is used: headlines of "life sentence in prison" while in reality he is sentenced to "therapy" in an "Abteilung" (different from a normal prison), expecting to be legally freed after 14 years (one year in prison since the revelation is included in the15 years term that life sentences translate into), and in fact in the script he is to be released after 2 or 3 years, under the guise of "successful therapy and age".
The task of the media: Fritzl's lawyer non-stop selling the "Fritzl is not a monster" message, while ensuring the blackout on any details about the presence of daughter Elisabeth in court.

(1) Introduction to Illuminati Theater - Typology, examples

(2) Note that this has nothing to do with the fact that the rituals of the satanic iluminati use sacrifices of children. It is rather to complete washing the brain of the sheep with the agenda "White is black and black is white" (good is evil and evil is good).

(3) Another example of a production reduced to a minimum: "Maddie McCann, the acceptance that parents kill disabled children and pass once more to pedophiles the message that they have nothing to fear from the police": before the girl was murdered, the parents already knew that some weeks later they would be received by Benedict XVI.

(4) The format "Illuminati Jokes" is used to package the sale of the "suffering" of Frtizl: "Speaking later outside the court, the lawyer said the testimony of Elisabeth [supposedly in a video recording] had caused the accused, for the first time, to suffer the real impact of his actions. " Quote from the article "Psychiatric Hospitalization for Fritzl" (before the sentence). See also "Austrian Father Pleads Guilty to All Charges in Incest-Imprisonment Case" -  http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2209397/posts
If you don't know what this format is, here a good start point:

(5)  Denying to the public the access to footage is also part of the agenda 'Legalization of "justice" behind closed doors", which itself is part of the process of transition to the terror state.

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