Fully Launched in Belgium with Marc Dutroux, reached utter limits first in Portugal with the orphans of Casa Pia 10 years later.

Feb 17, 2016

High School Seniors Gang Raped minor girls on School Trip- for dummies

4 High School Seniors Gang Raped 2 minor girls on School Trip- for dummies

Not only Rape headlines but ALL the rest are psy-ops, simulated reality
Rape, from "India: women gang raped, from moving bus to whatever" to "black star Bill Cosby sets new record for mass rape" are staged at the end of the show.
They both set the stage for the BIG BANG agenda, fully launched with Obama's staged arrest and the manhunt for non-whites.

Four High School Seniors Allegedly Gang Raped Two 15 Year Olds on School Trip - for dummies
Psy-op combines gang and mass rape, the nth episode of a series that started much earlier, to advance the "legalize pedophilia" agenda, in this case legalizing the rape of minor girls.
- article mentions that there were SIX males in the room. Only 4 are being charged with rape. In other words: you can get away with rape ( the other 2).
- article keeps mentioning that the girls were virgins to suggest that otherwise what happened to them would be less of a crime.
- "where were the chaperones? When you send your kid off on a school trip you expect that there will be supervision ..." advanced by omission, or in other words not an issue.

BASICS - all exposed first by Last Prophet
2009 - Sharia agenda by Illuminati puppets: Marriage as cover for Pedophilia: 
AFGHANISTAN, SAUDI ARABIA, YEMEN, IRAN, IRAQ: what do these neo-colonies of the IV Reich have in common other than the fact that sharia is law?
Answer: pedophilia is legalized as marriage.

2013: India: women gang raped, from moving bus to whatever - psy-op staged using the treasonous puppet government of India
From demonize indians before manhunt for non-whites in US and EU to legalize terror in India, including death penalty for minors.

2015: Black star Bill Cosby sets new record for mass rape