Fully Launched in Belgium with Marc Dutroux, reached utter limits first in Portugal with the orphans of Casa Pia 10 years later.

Jun 19, 2007

Missing UK girl kidnapped in Portugal and Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring - HORRIBLE TRUTH: part of same script

These two acts are part of the same script, authored by the Illuminati.
The parents of the "missing UK girl kidnapped in Portugal" are actors in the illuminati payroll.

First act: setting the stage
"Missing Madeleine McCann" introduced by media's non-stop  headlines, including all kinds of illuminati "icons" (icons for the human cattle).
Examples: David Beckham made a televised appeal for her release, and a British millionaire has offered 1 million pounds to anyone who finds Madeleine; parents meet the Pope.
Goal: to increase interest of the audience for the "news" released yesterday, six weeks later, another act from the same script:  Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring.

The right questions
For a start:
- script in two acts - how are the two dots connected?
- staging: is there something new or is this simply a re-run, i.e. a simple upscale from previously staged cases?
- agenda: what illuminati agendas are served?
- mind control techniques used: what is Contents and what is Package?
- script location: why was Portugal chosen?

Answers - Main Agenda
Connecting the dots begins by identifying the main agenda served by the script.
It is the "Legalize Pedophilia" Agenda, which requires regular upscaling of other agendas. Two of them:
- "Destruction of protection of children" agenda.
- "Terrorize the Sheep" agenda.

Answers - Re-run, just upscaling
Both acts are repetitions broadcasted regularly by the media to implement the related Illuminati agendas.

Answers - "Package vs. Contents"
How the "mind control" technique "Package vs. Contents" (aka Orwell's "Double Talk") was used in both acts is obvious.

Act 1: kidnapped Madeleine McCann missing.
Package: Illuminati (police, icons, media) do protect children.
Contents: agenda "Destruction of protection of children".
To parents: you can do whatever you want with your children, no reason to be afraid to be punished.
To pedophile rings: kidnapp as many children as you want, there is nothing to fear from the police.
To sheep: accept increasing number of missing children.

Act 2: Police Smash Global Pedophile Ring.
Package: Illuminati (police) do protect children.
Contents: same agenda as act 1, plus "Terrorize the Sheep" Agenda.
To parents: in case your child is kidnapped by a Pedophile Ring, resistence is futile, i.e. don't bother harassing the police because they do nothing about it.
To sheep: asking questions about children as sex slaves is futile. It is as normal as children going to school, deal with it.

Answers - Location
Beginning In the early nineties and staged for years, Belgium (Marc Dutroux) was the location used to full launch the "Legalize Pedophilia" agenda.
Beginning in 2002 and again staged for years, Portugal (TV #1 illuminati icon, Carlos Cruz, and the orphans of state institution Casa Pia) was the location used to first push the "Legalize Pedophilia" agenda to the utter limits.

May 12, 2007 - David Beckham made a televised appeal for her release, and a British millionaire has offered 1 million pounds to anyone who finds Madeleine.

June 1, 2007 - Madeleine: The McCanns' moment of hope with the Pope

Sept 2007: Missing UK girl Maddie McCann script: non-stop satanic jokes include:
Harry Potter via  J.K.Rowling helps in hunt for missing UK girl Madeleine

Illuminati jokes pushed to the utter horrible limits: June 18, 2007: "British police, with aid from U.S. investigators, rescuing 31 children ... being subjected to horrific sexual abuse—including streaming live videos" ....
... downscaling from 32 murdered at Virgina Tech... NOT.

The n-th episode of the "fake war on Pedophilia", mockery served regularly around the number 600:
Dec 2015 - Nearly 700 Suspected Paedophiles Arrested
600 members of Bin Laden family = 600 children at Sandy Hook elementary school = 600 police investigating Woolwich beheading = ZERO

Illuminati enjoy "1 million" jokes for the people who God tells us should be the most protected: children and disabled.
Two more of these horrible jokes, included in the ceremony of the post-acceptance of the mark, April 2005: Clinton Eastwood and Terri Schiavo, Auschwitz and the $1 million dollar hoax

Illuminati icons, from one of the last survivors of Hitler's army playing "pope Benedict" to David Beckam and fake identity and fake writer Rowling;

Illuminati scripts are meant to advance several agendas. Example:
May 2007 - Paris Hilton "I'm too beautiful for jail" vs. OJ Simpson "He is too rich and famous for jail"
This time is not to propagate pornography but rather the acceptance of drugs, lies and "law is not the same for all" agendas.

 "Mind Control" Techniques

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